Hey, Hey we're


People say we're messin' around,

but we're too busy drinkin'

to write our lyrics down.

Currently surviving members

The Discography

The History

Though friends for eons, the trio of Isaac, Miczo, and Biewer harbored only a nascent idea of the Drunkards' until it was brought to the fore at a party in honor of their future producers, Jester's Handshake, in Mesa,AZ by the provacatively drunken position of some unnamed girl on the hood of a car, offering them a better view of her special purpose than perhaps she intended. The Drunkards' were born. Since David was the only one with musical talent, excepting Roland who could play anything instructed, the band stalled slightly as Nathan and Ted struggled to learn instruments. Undaunted, the musical machine went on and songs were quickly written. It was clear they would be the next Beatles. This was confirmed when Nathan and David together opened for Jester's Handshake to thunderous applause and a complaint from Jester's drummer's mother, whose house it was. Their rendition of the Sugarcubes' song Cat from that night, became a cult classic. After about a year, the boys had recorded their first album with equipment (including Roland) loaned to them by their producers. The artwork for the album was shot on a camping trip to the Chiracawa Mtns. and in David's back yard. Before printing, Nathan had the insight to dissolve the union, i.e. the United States of America, so that the independent citizens could be re-unified as the "cool and uncool." That settled, and with grateful appreciation to the staff at Kinko's copies, Songs of the Dead Cricket was jacketed and 4 copies were made. Unfortunately for the history of the world, the educational institutions of Arizona siphoned away the poor sons, and the Drunkards' again became more of an idea than a reality. So it goes, and that's where we are today.

Ted Biewer (biewer@juno.physics.wisc.edu)